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Welcome to jamescallis @ livejournal.com!
This community was started after it came to our attention that no one had yet made a community soley for james on lj.
James is best known for his role as Gaius Baltar in the Sci-Fi channel's new series 'Battlestar Galactica'. He has also had supporting roles in both Bridget Jones's Diary movies, One Night With The King, Jason and the Argonauts, and the mini series Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll, to name just a few.
We hope that other fans of his and his works decide to join and share their opinions about his movies/tv shows/characters as well as their updates on upcoming appearences and news, any pictures or graphics, and anything else james related that they might have.
jamescallis is an open community, so all you have to do is join to start posting!
Let's keep this community an active and friendly place for all of James's fans!

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oo1. Please be kind and respectful of one another. Everyone has their own opinions. There is absolutely no excuse for rudeness or disrespect. We are all here because of our common interest in James and his works. Anyone who cannot manage to follow this rule will be banned immediately.
oo2. All posts made in jamescallis should be James related. Whether it be photos, graphics, news, questions, or anything else, please remember to stay on topic.
oo3. If you choose to share icons or images with the community, please post no more than three teaser icons or one image measuring up 500px or less before an lj-cut.
Teaser thumbnails for larger images are encouraged, but not necessary. Just remember to cut anything larger than 500px in width. Thank you.
oo4. No hotlinking! If you decide you want to post an image, please host it at one of the many free sites such as imageshack, flickr or photobucket.
oo5. Posting spoilers is fine, but please always put them behind a clearly labeled cut. Let's not ruin it for those of us who don't want to know ahead of time!
oo6. Be considerate of the mods and fellow members and tag your entries accordingly. There is a list of tags that can be applied to your posts. Please take the time to look at them here.

Jess aka ibejeska and Sadie aka _partlysunny_

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